Saturday, February 17, 2018

Week 3B: Social Media Websites

Nike - website:, social media accounts: twitter, facebook, youtube, and instagram. Each social media account is well used, and up to date with material and posts. Last post 2/13/17. Good content, posting both videos and photos. Overall good amount of posts/usage on their sites promoting their brand.

Gatorade - website:, social media accounts: twitter, youtube, facebook, Tumblr, and instagram. Higher usage of their facebook, twitter, and instagram accounts. Do not post daily on instagram, but do advertise product/brand in posts. Last post 2/7/18. Overall they do not post as much as other brands, but do keep an online presence.

Fender - website:, social media accounts: facebook, twitter, instagram, pintrests, youtube, snapchat, tumblr, and google+. Manage many accounts and manages to keep updated with all, frequently posting. Last post was 2/13/18. Overall good at maintaining and managing social media accounts, and keeping up with posts.

Disneyland - website:, social media sites: facebook, twitter, and instagram. Uses social media to promote parks and apparel/company. Has accounts for both Disney as a brand and Disneyland as an attraction/park. Last post was 2/11/18. Good usage on social media accounts, and uses it wisely to promote and also show what the brand offers.

Def Jam Records - website:, social media sites: facebook, instagram, twitter, tumblr, and youtube. Post frequently 1+ posts a day. Good job advertising through social media accounts, while attracting their audience through interesting posts and photos. Last post was 2/13/18. Overall does a good job of promoting their company/business, as well as their artists. Attractive layout for their audience and intriguing.

After researching and learning about these 5 businesses I realized how different companies/businesses have different tactics for attracting customers. They use different forms of social media to promote and expand their company, and also post different content that is of interest to diverse people and age groups.

From what I saw companies that were selling an actual product like Gatorade or Nike used posts that showed their products being used in everyday life or in actual events. While brands like Disneyland and Def Jam Records used posts that advertised their company by showing what it consists of. Although these are different approaches they both seem successful for helping the company achieve their goals and grow.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Week 3A: Communication - Business and Consumer

There have been multiple occasions where a business has not confirmed my order, or updated me for extended periods of time. In this scenario I send many emails, and try to make some calls, but due to a lot of popular businesses being foreign, its not always easy to get in contact with them. Personally, I have not reached out to a company over social media, but I have seen many posts of replies from companies reaching out to different people on various platforms. There has been on occurrence when a company reached out to me, offering free sunglasses in exchange for me posting wearing them.

I would relate my sunglass experience to a positive experience with a business through social media. The company was very kind, and explained what they had wanted to do and how we would collaborate. In the end I declined the offer, but overall would say the way in which they reached out was nice and also intriguing. A week later I received news from my best friend that she too was receiving dm's from the same company. I guess they're good at socializing.

On my personal social media, if it was a business based account I would probably go the route of not acknowledging negative comments. I have a friend who is in modeling, and he decided to keep interaction with his followers, to go through and like their comments. This makes them aware that he sees their support, as well as reminds them he is not a robot online. The approach to positive comments is complicated. You could like them or reply, but then its hard if you're not including all of those who say well meaning things. In the end positive and negative comments are a double edged sword, at least to me.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Week 2A: Overview of Social Media / Week 2B: Blog Replies

The platform that I find myself using the most for personal use is Instagram. On Instagram the main purpose of the app is to post photos, or short videos of yourself and life. It is almost like Facebook except your following can be one sided, and your status update is essentially a photo. The nice thing about the app as well, is that your account can be public or private. This provides you with an open choice on what you want to share. Instagram could be primarily for personal use, but beneficial for business as well.

For business use, I believe that platforms such as LinkedIn are the best for exposure, and results. From personal experience, my dad who is a recruiter in biotech uses this website the most to find candidates. It is a good website because it provides background information on you others tend not to, and includes a photo. Your resume, as well as who you have worked and been involved with, can be found through LinkedIn too. It is more suitable due to the fact it was set up and made exactly for this reason. It is an organized professional website, aimed towards business.

As mentioned before, Instagram is one of the platforms that can go back and forth regarding personal or business use. Social influencers tend to use this app for clothing, or brand promotions. Depending on their following, they can receive various amounts of money per post. Like Instagram with brand exposure, Youtube can take advantage of high trending users. They do so by putting an ad before the video or content of the poster. This results in a payment to the Youtuber for allowing the ad, as well as more exposure for the company who's ad it is playing. Instagram and Youtube are extremely popular for business, but both are also used just as often for personal content.

Week 2: Blog Responses -

1. Lemar Anderson
2. Iana Jackson
3. Jordan Trantham

I liked the variety of social media platforms discussed in each blog, as well as learning the different point of views each person had. It was also nice to relate my own opinions to some of the posts!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Week 1B: Blogs I Commented On

The different bloggers posts that I commented on were:

- Anitzia Chavez
- Iana Jackson
- Chad Mullen
- Marc Rodriguez

All had super cool template choices, that I feel expressed themselves.


Friday, January 26, 2018

Week 1A: My Blog Template

Hi, welcome to my blog! At first I chose the template known as "travel" because the dark theme was intriguing to me. After doing so and viewing my blog page from a readers eye, I found it was actually pretty boring to look at. So, I played around with the different features and found the old school boombox photo provided by I chose the photo to be the back drop of my blog because music is a passion of mine. With music being the most influential part of my life, I only saw it fit to make my blog correlate to that feeling.

The idea of an old school boombox, which requires multiple things to create one overall product is how I feel my blog will be. All of my posts will be individual, but together will be seen as a progression in my writing process.  To include my own preferences in the blog, I chose my favorite font and colors in hopes of catching the readers eye. After incorporating a variety of different colors for my fonts, I was excited to claim the blog as my own. I made the page a place I would be excited to visit myself, and hope the same to those who decide to as well.

I hope this page is both inviting and intriguing to those who follow it, and am excited to see the progress of this blog at the end of the semester.

                       X, J